>PC Ssendam Egar'Etah

Tysons- Level 1 Human Fighter


Awoke in an unfamiliar wasteland with no knowledge of his past, covered in blood that appeared to be not of his own, a greataxe strapped to the back of his shivering chain mail clad body.

For weeks He stumbled through the wilds disorientated and aimless, the beasts and creatures of night seemed to avoid him. 66 nights passed before he reached a road. he opted for the coast and walked for a 5 days before he met a caravan of merchants. it was only then did he realize he was different, and that the strange markings that covered his entire body we not natural.

it was then he felt a sudden weight lumped on his shoulder, that something was wrong. he disembarked at a small outskirt village to offer his labor in turn of coin and lodgings. there he worked for several months earning a small amount for his toils. ever was there an itch in the depths of his mind, Beleaguered by great nightmares of horrific scenes, he soon would seek aid for is ailment, after only a short investigation he learnt of a witch a days ride from the village and intended to seek her out.

many of the villagers were disgusted by the idea of trading with the witch. undeterred he spent his last coin to buy a horse <*> and rode to the witches hut. she agreed to help the warrior and offered her services for only but a debt to be recovered at later time. she had to charge a rare crystal in a long ritual, in which arcane energy would be used to tether the warriors mind to the stone. after 12 hours of intermittent castings the crystal was finally ready.

requiring a full night rest before conducting the transfer both the warrior and witch rested, though both were skeptical of the other. awaking the next morning they began the ritual immediately. everything worked smoothly though the warrior found that he was not the one to receive the memories but it was the witch. after they had both recovered their senses but before they had a chance to converse they heard horseback riders.

the witches pet crab scuttled from the windowsill in excitement as the witch exclaimed that hunters have arrived. with a wave of her hand she has all she required and expeditiously retreated out of a secret hole in a wall. unable to fit he was forced to walk out the front door.

once outside he saw 3 men on horseback. 2 were already dismounted and brandishing swords without questioning they charged the warrior and fell without his blood touching the dirt. the plate clad half-elf had dismounted by then and looked with curiosity. he inquired to the witches whereabouts and the warrior feigned no knowledge and added that he did not like to be attacked out the front of his home.

the witchhunter laughed at the notion and drew his bastard sword with an insane grin his hair turned a blood red and the white of his eyes turned black. undaunted they ran at each other from 100ft the warrior reached a fallen soldier, bent down and scooped up his longsword and flung it, the sword hitting its target clove off the hunters leg at the hip.

thinking himself victorious the warrior celebrated though to his dismay his memories had ran off and to add to that the hunter had begun to pick himself up, the limb slowly reattaching itself in place. the warrior turned and ran into the forest eventually finding the witch again. together they were chased onto an airship that was commencing take off.

and so, This is where his adventure truly begins

>PC Ssendam Egar'Etah

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