>PC Steven Rodger

Pauls- Lvl 1 Human Monk


Memories forgotten after decades of being alchemically induced into a coma. His past, a haze of concoctions and needles. though filled with a sense of an undiscovered purpose.

mostly too groggy to remember their details or recall any spoken word he found himself at a monastery. emaciated and weakened he was taken in by the monks and brought back to good health, to show his gratitude he stayed to help with general work but eventually sought to regain his memories and began his own training and meditations,
after a little over a year he began recalling forgotten memories and parts of his hibernation.

From what he could gather with the medley of images and sounds knotted inside his mind he was a leader of some sort in a city’s shield wall squadron, during that time the many cities in the region were under constant attack. some waged wars with each other for control of integral tactical locations or for newly researched tech.

After witnessing many of his allies die horribly and upon hearing of a new experimental project that could help stop the war he was quick to step up. He and a few other fellow soldiers were taken into the secret research held in a laboratory below the cities surface, where the participants were sedated then boosted with concoctions that the chymists and researchers had created.

During the process there was a curing period required, in which the participants were held in fluid filled pods which preserved them. However during that process there was a massive explosion on the surface above and the chamber that held the many experiments collapsed blocking the exit and crushing many of the tubes and researchers.

After an unknown time he was awoken by a group of adventurers that were searching the now “lost cities” and happened upon the isolated research lab. once discovering the soldier, the adventurers returned him to the monastery he recovered in.

Filled with a sudden sense of urgency from these thoughts, he sought leave from his master and left not for an exact location but towards an instinctual compulsion. after many weeks of travel he found himself stepping aboard an airship as the feeling that had plagued him dissipated, knowing he had reached his destination he sighed.

and so, This is where his adventure truly begins

>PC Steven Rodger

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