>PC Krawan Appoline

Matts- Lvl 1 Aasimar Sorcerer


Born into a well settled heavenly family farm, Krawan Apolline was unaware of his celestial ancestry throughout his youth. He often spent his days assisting his father Ester around the property and would occasionally run errands for his mother Lani to and from the nearest town and neighbouring homesteads. When there was little work to do Krawan would study diplomacy in the home library and a few spare hours would frequently dissolve into a day lost in ambitious exercise. His proud parents would sigh with a smile before waking Krawan early the next day to return to his duties.

‘Take this to Doctor Marcebal my son’, Krawan’s mother asserts as she hands him a small weighted fabric pouch, ‘Hurry there and be back quick’. Krawan had made this exact trip multiple times and Doctor Marcebal is a well-respected member of the community. Krawan didn’t always deliver gold to the doctor, it was mostly fruit, herbs or simple care packages, and today wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

As Krawan follows the carved stone path to the old doctor’s house he notices a pair of golden horses parked outside, ‘Oh the doctor must have some upscale visitors this morning’ he thought to himself. Krawan accelerates his pace as he is always excited to meet new people, he is especially interested in coordinating a conversation with a couple of well-established characters.

Krawan is about 50 meters away when he hears a ‘yelp’ followed by a heavy groan and now with a peeked curiosity notices the lavish wooden front door torn off its hinges. Krawan is now in a full sprint heading towards the house, ‘Hello?!! Doctor?!! Is everything okay?’ He approaches the entrance to hear a frustrated, raspy, burly question ‘Arghh!! Where’s the good stuff you old bastard?!!’ ‘Clang’ ‘Klink’ ‘Klonk’ as bottles are being thrown around inside, ‘What is this stuff anyway!! HUH? Why don’t you label these you old fart?!’ A second similar voice inquires.

Krawan doesn’t hesitate, he steps into the invaded home and announces himself ‘Leave this place at once! Leave Doctor Marcebal alone! He doesn’t have what you want!’ The two men pause, startled for a moment until they see the young scrawny acolyte standing in the hallway. The larger of the two clumsily scratches his wart capped large red nose, sniffs and points to the corner where the beaten lifeless corpse of Doctor Marcebal now resides. ‘Hwarhp!’ Krawan screeches, now coming to notice these two heavily armoured soldiers are swiftly plotting and treading in his direction. Before he can move the second man grabs him by the shoulders and stuffs him down the stairs into the basement with one abrupt consecutive motion.

A few flashes of blurry black vision and the two men are glancing over him grinning and sniffing at each other, ‘Wanna find out what these bottles do Porky??’ ‘heh heh yeaaaahhhhhh’ the other replies, then a ‘PHONK’ mixed with a squeak followed by a ‘DONK’ to Krawan’s forehead. The sounds continue but fade out as Krawan uncontrollably drifts into the back of his mind.


‘It’s time to wake up my child… you’ve changed so much…….. It’s time to wake up my child’. The echoing angelic voice dances straight passed Krawan’s ears and settles in the middle of his head.
‘You’ve changed so much…’

AUkERLleck! Krawan coughs and sputters as he chokes to consciousness and gasps for what feels like his last breath of air… but he manages to choke down another breath before he opens his eyes to a rainbow soaked shirt illuminating in a golden glow. ARLK!! Krawan chokes and shakes struggling to breathe, he convulses on the floor rattling the empty vials that surround him and grasps at his throat.

‘Pledge to me my child… breeeeeeaathe again… You’ve changed sooooo much…’

Krawan nods excessively in panic acknowledging his untimely fate.

‘Very well…’ the angelic voice giggles for a moment. ‘It’s time to wake up my child’ FwOOOSH!
The beautiful black winged celestial vanishes in acceptance

Krawan inhales a sharp long wheeze, he closes his eyes and exhales slowly with relief.

Krawan calmly awakes a few hours later, he sits up pauses for a split second then stands up, stretches, yawns, limbers up his legs and steps towards the cellar door. With a swift twist to the left Krawan sighs as he realises the door is locked.

‘Eeiiseetthh’ the voice rattles inside his head once more, this time leaving Krawan with a cold shiver down his spine. He nods affirmatively and the heavy cellar door opens carefully ‘eeeeeeeek’. Krawan glances at the top of the stairs anxiously, he then turns around grabs a few luminous vials from the floor and a bundle of fancy silver trimmed books, breaths in, then out and heads home. With an agile pace Krawan reaches his farm and eagerly opens the door to find his mother and father screaming with joy, ‘We were worried sick about you!’ his mother howls ‘Son what happened to you?’ His father investigates after observing his brightly stained clothes. Barely through the front door they both simultaneously rush him and hug him generously, ‘Mother, Father!’ Krawan cries out while embracing his relieved parents.

All of the sudden Krawan shivers with an unexpected chill, his parents still holding him both look up with shocked expressions, their shock turns to an awful horrid awe, their eyes bulge with confusion and their jaws suspend in a ghastly contortion. They both quiver as they step away from Krawan clutching the frames of their bodies ‘NO!’ yells Krawan. ‘WHY?!!’ screams his mother, the two parents collapse to the floor embracing themselves in alarm as they shake uncontrollably. Krawan standing over them in fear watches as their skin bubbles, their faces rot and their bones freeze over simultaneously in just a few seconds. ‘NO! What I don’t understand, I don’t understand WHYYYY?!!’ Krawan falls to his knees and he weeps hysterically.

‘Riiiiiise my child…. Breeeeeeathe agaaaiiiiin’

‘NO!’ Krawan shouts.

‘You…. Will RIIIIISSSEEE!!!’ The sadistic voice squeezes Krawan’s brain

Krawan’s throat begins to tense and in an instant he is blindly choking. Along with a cold rotting pain he is lifted by his throat and forced to his feet. Krawan gargles to talk ‘YES… Eiseth’.
As he’s dropped, Krawan coughs again ‘AHghlk’, what do you wish of me?’ he asks.

‘Study young warrior…you will join me in the afterlife for battle’. The voice simmers inside Krawan’s head and dissipates.

Krawan takes a moment to gather his thoughts, he stares at his parents frozen bones on the ground in front of him, and he knows he can’t stay here. He packs a satchel with supplies, grabs the gold from his father’s room and heads for the front door. ‘weaaahhh weaaahhh’ … ‘SHIT!’ Krawan mumbles. ‘I can’t take my little sister with me, Eiseth will kill her surely’ he quickly thinks to himself. ‘BANG!’ the door slams and he sprints down the dirt road leaving a fury of dust behind.

After a while Krawan notices a blurry figure in the distance, he ducks into the forest and follows with a cautious pace.

>PC Krawan Appoline

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