>PC Selissa

Cades- Level 1 Elf Witch


Even before she was born she was stigmatized. The Wandering Forest in which she was born was a very insular and superstitious society. the city’s leader often sought guidance from an old mystic that rarely left her side.

The prophet claimed that a day would come of which, would forge the future of the city and its peoples path. many rejoiced and others grew fearful. all looked towards the pregnant women as the only sense of direction the prophet gave was claiming that it would come at the hands of a child born on that day.

The day arrived and all but one child was birthed alive as the remaining children had died at the first ray of sunlight hit the trees. the mother was harassed throughout the pregnancy as she claimed to have not experienced the touch of a man and thus no origin of the father could be traced.

born with unnaturally white hair unlike the blondes and browns of her kin, she and her mother were shunned and soon became the target of scorn from the parents and friends of parents of the lost children. the city’s queen conflicted in a path of action as the child had been foreseen as the harbinger of the cities change left them be, afraid to change the course of time.

Only few saw the abnormality as a little girl and offered assistance to the mother. some offering food or wares. though none would seem to do so publicly out of concern for their own personal image within the society. Her mother tutored her of the world and magical powers held within because the school would not take her.

She quickly grew into a young woman, her hair seeming to shift and twist with her mood, changing style and sometimes flicking like a whip in times of anger. eventually the alienation and bitterness of her kin grew wearisome and the young white haired elf left the safety of her mothers care and the cities boundaries.

she travelled various terrains, making a friendship with a small crab that began to follow her along the coast, soon she found a nice location on the outskirts of a dense forest, a day or so’s ride to the nearest village, there she became somewhat reclusive, only leaving her hut to venture into the forest or to the village to gather resources. she even made acquaintances with a trader who would often send her books and components via an eagle.

the village was being plagued with nightmares and seemed a good opportunity to increase her reputation with the remaining townsfolk, she read tomes on memories and dreams finding some good information she soon requested a strange stone which she found would be required for a ritual however unfortunately it would take some time to acquire.

a day came a few months later that the eagle arrived with the strange stone with a note attached warning of witchhunters tracking the order, however by the time she had prepared herself and belongings for travel, she found a human clad in chainmail and strange symbols etched into his skin knocking on her door, he was asking for assistance.

they had a brief discussion through the door on what ailed him as she peered through a window. she soon remembered the language in which formed the runes upon his skin and immediately agreed to help the warrior, Offering her services for only but a debt to be recovered at later time.

though she had to charge the rare crystal in a long ritual, in which arcane energy would be used to tether the warriors mind to the stone. after 12 hours of intermittent castings the crystal was finally ready and invited him in at the request that he left his weapons outside.

requiring a fully rested mind before conducting the transfer both the fighter and witch rested through the night, though both were skeptical of the other. awaking the next morning they began the ritual immediately. everything worked smoothly though the warrior found that he was not the one to receive the memories but it was the witch.

after they had both recovered their senses but before they had a chance to converse they heard horseback riders. the witches pet crab scuttled from the windowsill in excitement as the witch exclaimed that witch-hunters had arrived. Luckily she had packed her bags the day earlier and expeditiously retreated out of a secret hole in the wall closest to the forest.

the fighter unable to follow was forced to converse with the hunters, though the sound of battle was quick to be heard. eventually dialogue could be heard again as the leader of the hunters inquired to the witches whereabouts. the warrior feigned no knowledge as the witch crept into the forest.

the witch heard the fighter celebrate a victory though it proved short lived as to his audible dismay his memories had ran off and the hunter had begun to pick himself up the limb slowly reattaching itself where the fighter had previously severed it.

She heard crashing through the forest towards her and she prepared an incantation to defend herself as she walked backwards deeper into the forest. the familiar face of the fighter came hurtling through the foliage finding the witch again. together they turned tail and fled towards a city.

pursued for days the two kept each other protected eventually reaching the saftey of the city limits, though it seemed not to disuade the hunter as he pursued them even into the city. they only found refuge after running onto an airship that was commencing take off, the hunter unable to continue the pursuit

and so, This is where her adventure truly begins

>PC Selissa

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